100 Valleys – Leadership Network

Collaboration in the “100 Valleys” Network

The 100 VALLEYS Project is designed to facilitate the self-development of all the communities of the valleys of Peru. Today we have hundreds of organizations working with the rural communities in the valleys of the Coast and Sierra creating an urgent necessity to integrate the resources of these many entities to secure greater results.There is a great opportunity now to create agreement between organizations in order to deliver superior services to the communities at no additional cost.

The principal actions of the 100 VALLEYS Project are:

  • Facilitate the collaboration of the agencies that are serving the rural communities in order to permit the self-development approach to development
  • Initiate demonstration projects that highlight best practices of sustainable production
  • Implement self-development Demonstration Communities in the Sierra Regions, followed by others in the climate zones of each valley
  • Initiate Voluntary Leaders Associations in each climate zone to guide the process of self-development for the long term

Promote long-term large scale development projects that are beyond the vision of the government.

The role of ICA-Perú as the coordinator of this Project is to:

  • Facilitate the coordination of the collaborating agencies
  • Guide the demonstrations to assure that they are replicable
  • Share effective methods to support self-development and avoid dependency
  • Promote practices that assure a substantial participation of the local people in all of the communities of the valleys
  • Monitor and document the coverage and consistency of the services delivered
  • Constantly facilitate a new consensus when new challenges arise

The active coordination between service organizations is an important dynamic for the success of the whole society.”

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